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Looking for online market research jobs that pay well? You’re not the only one and you definitely have the right thinking here. 

Assisting in market research, is the perfect side gig to earn extra cash from home.

You will get to enjoy a moderate to high paying job with the perks of remote work. If you’ve never worked remotely before, it’s a neat experience that many people enjoy:

  • Work from the comfort of home
  • Save money by eliminating your work commute
  • Save money by eliminating eating out at lunch with co-workers
  • Wear casual dress (in many cases)
  • Create your ideal schedule (in many cases)
  • Plus, more benefits!

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In this article, we’re going to share 5 online research jobs that pay well. You’ll learn what these jobs entail, how to apply, pay potential, and more.

Instead of searching for market research facilities near you, check out these paid online focus groups to earn up to $140 an hour.


Where can I participate in market research?

1. Respondent

Respondent is a market research company that will pay you for your opinion. You will participate in an online panel and get paid to share what you think.

It’s like a higher-paying survey job but, with more demands.

A typical survey you’d take online also pays you for your opinion. Your survey may take 2-10 minutes to complete, paying you up to a few dollars for your time, then you can move onto the next.

Survey-taking is a side hustle a ton of people love because of the flexibility and the ability to work when they want. Don’t miss these 8 Surveys for Money that pay up to $100 via PayPal.

An online panel is a bit different. 

You will spend more time, usually in a different setting (still online) and make substantially more.

The panel I participated in with Respondent went like this:

It took about 35 minutes and included a phone call with the conductor. They asked me questions about my background and history, then surveyed my opinion about the panel topic. The estimated time was about 45 minutes so we finished a little early and while they said I’d receive payment (a $100 Amazon gift card) within 7 to 10 days, I actually got paid later that day!

Here are the settings you’ll likely experience with Respondent:

  • Web interview: You will login to your computer and use your webcam to speak to the computer screen where you’ll answer questions with someone surveying you.
  • Phone interview: On the phone, you will answer questions with a conductor
  • Group panel: In an online setting, in a group of people, you will share your opinion
  • Online independently: With no conductor, you’ll login and answer panel questions

How much do online panels pay?

You can earn $20 to $400+ with online panels. I’ve participated in three over the years and earned $100, $125, and $400, paid either via gift card, Amazon, or PayPal. Sign up for free with Respondent to get started.


2. User Interviews

User Interviews is another market research company that conducts online panels. They are very similar to Respondent.

With both, you can create your free participant account by registering on their website. Then, scroll through the online panel opportunities, applying to the ones that are a fit for you.

You will find online panel studies on a variety of topics, from online banking, to panels for computer programmers, accountants, college students, people living in condos, etc.

When you find a panel you’re interested in, apply and you’ll be taken through a short screener survey where you will answer a handful of questions to determine if you’re a good fit for the panel.

If you are, you’ll be contacted, asked to set an appointment time for the online panel study then, participate and get paid.

User Interviews online panel studies pays between $50-$100 per study. When you view the online panel opportunities, you will see the pay rate displayed so you can use that information to determine if it’s worth it to you, or not.


3. JustAnswer

This site is pretty interesting. Ask a question and get an answer. You can talk to professionals in various industries like medicine, law, veterinary medicine, and more.

How can you make money with JustAnswer?

Become an expert!

Are you an expert in a field? Do you have a degree in a field of study? Or, a long career in an industry?

Get paid for it on the side with JustAnswer.

You can make money by sharing your expertise online.

Benefits of Working as a JustAnswer Expert

  • Work anytime
  • Work online
  • Work as much as you want
  • Make money doing things you love (sharing your professional expertise)

It’s free to sign up and after your application and background check, you’ll be moved onto the final step in the process where you will be admitted and you can start making money.

You will get paid via PayPal and JustAnswer pays on a monthly basis. They pay on a per-question model so the more questions you answer, the more you can make.

Sounds interesting? 

Head to JustAnswer to learn more.


4. Wonder

AskWonder is like your very own personal assistant. Working for Wonder means you’ll be the assistant (called a researcher), performing research for clients.

How to get started?

  1. Apply- Complete the free online application
  2. Acceptance – Show off your research skills taking their online quiz and trial assignment
  3. Begin Work – Start researching and get paid

Not only do you get to make money performing online research, but you can work from home when you want and expand your knowledge at the same time.

Check out Wonder to read more.


5. Study Pool

Study Pool is a place people can go that need help with their homework assignments. They get access to tutors 24/7 and working for Study Pool means that you will be that tutor!

You can earn up to $7,500/month tutoring students!

It’s called micro-tutoring.

People post questions, then they select a tutor, get the help they need then pay when done.

It’s a really seamless process.

The subjects include math, science, humanities, business, writing, and more.

You will enjoy freedom and flexibility, reliable income, and more!


Final Thoughts on Online Research Jobs

That wraps things up. What do you think about these 5 online research jobs? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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  2. Take part in daily surveys worth up to $35 with Swagbucks.