Best 8 Email Marketing Courses 2021

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Best Email Marketing Platforms


Email marketing, email designer, automations, landing pages and commerce

Free plan available: 0 – 1000 subscribers + unlimited emails


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Email marketing, website builder, marketing automation and conversion funnels

30 days free trial: 0 – 1000 subscribers + unlimited emails


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Email marketing, automations, landing pages, sign up forms and integrations

Free plan available – 0 – 500 subscribers + unlimited emails

What Are the Best Email Marketing Courses?

1. HubSpot Academy Email Marketing Course

(Course pricing – free)

Firstly, the HubSpot Academy Email Marketing Course is one of the best free email marketing courses available. From the course, you can learn the basics of email marketing. 

These email marketing skills will be useful for any business owner who wants to increase sales from emails. The course is also helpful for users of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub since the skills taught in the course are essential to make full use of the tools provided in the software.

Anyone interested in picking up the basics of email marketing would benefit from this course. This can include people who want to start a career in digital marketing. 

Course length and pricing

The course lasts for a total of 3 hours and 18 minutes. Thus, this makes it one of the shortest email marketing courses on this list and the market. To complete the course, users must go through 9 lessons. The lessons are presented in a video format, of which there are a total of 28 videos.

In addition, users must also complete a total of 9 quizzes to pass the course. Upon completion of the course, users will receive a certification from the HubSpot Academy.

The course is free to attend. Users just need to sign up for an account on the HubSpot Academy website to enroll in the course. 

What can you learn?

From this course, users can learn the basics of email marketing. Some of the email marketing skills users will gain include email contact segmentation and email deliverability.

The lesson outline is as follows:

  1. Understanding email marketing
  2. Creating a contact management and segmentation strategy
  3. Sending the right email
  4. Creating a high-performing email
  5. Understanding email deliverability
  6. Outlining the design of your marketing emails
  7. Analyzing your marketing emails
  8. Testing your marketing emails
  9. Developing relationships with lead nurturing
digital marketing jobs

2. Udemy Email Marketing Course

(Course pricing – ranges from $20 to $99)

The next course on this list is the Udemy email marketing course. To be specific, Udemy is not a course provider. Thus, the platform does not run any courses on its own. Instead, Udemy is a platform where experts on different topics can teach courses on their specializations. 

Hence, unlike most of the other email marketing courses on this list, the users have multiple options to choose from when it comes to email marketing courses on Udemy. Each one of the courses is unique and taught by an expert in email marketing.

Because of the various topics that the courses cover, the Udemy email marketing courses are suitable for both individuals and businesses. Regardless of what you wish to learn, Udemy is sure to have something that suits your needs.

Course length and pricing

Because there are multiple course options to choose from on Udemy, no two courses are identical. As a result, the length and pricing of each one can also differ to a large extent. 

Some Udemy courses like the “Email Marketing – Copywriting and Growing Your Email Lists” course that is taught by social media influencer Jun Wu can be up to 6 hours long.

On the other hand, some other courses such as the “Communicate for Business: Write, Email, Close the Loop” course taught by the Eleventure Team can be just 1 hour long.

Moreover, pricing for individual courses can also vary greatly. Prices can range from $20 to $99. Some course creators may also run occasional promotions, allowing users to access some courses at lower prices during promotional periods. 

What can you learn?

Udemy offers a wide range of course options for users to choose from. The topics covered by the various email marketing courses range from email marketing for businesses to email marketing for eCommerce stores.

Udemy also offers users a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Thus, users who face issues or are unhappy with the courses they have signed up for can receive a full refund for their purchase. However, there are terms and conditions to this. 

3. ClickMinded Email Marketing

(Course pricing – $997 for this course alone, $1997 for access to all ClickMinded courses)

Another great email marketing course is the ClickMinded Email Marketing course. ClickMinded is a reliable provider of digital marketing courses. Apart from their email marketing courses, ClickMinded also offers training in other areas of digital marketing like SEO and social media marketing.

ClickMinded is also well-known in the digital marketing space. Large firms such as WeWork, Microsoft, and Grammarly use ClickMinded for their email marketing needs. 

ClickMinded’s email marketing course is suitable for small and mid-sized business owners that want to increase sales via email marketing. ClickMinded aims to help businesses unlock the secrets of email and increase their sales with email automation. 

At the same time, larger companies and marketing agencies can also benefit from enrolling their employees in ClickMinded’s email marketing courses. 

Hence, the ClickMinded email marketing course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn everything there is to know about email marketing in the shortest time.

how to become social media influencer

Course pricing

ClickMinded offers several options in terms of pricing. The ClickMinded email marketing course costs $997 to enroll in. Users who sign up for this package will receive full lifetime access to the contents of the course. 

Alternatively, users can also enroll in all seven of ClickMinded’s courses. Users who choose to do so only need to pay $1997 to gain lifetime access to all the course contents. Hence, this might be a better option for users who are interested in learning about the other aspects of digital marketing as well. 

ClickMinded also offers bundles for digital marketing agencies and teams. The features and contents of each pricing tier are in the pricing table below.

Course pricing

Package Email Marketing Course Digital Marketing Bundle Bundle for Teams
Overview Lifetime access to the email marketing course Lifetime access to all seven ClickMinded courses 10 Reusable licenses to all seven ClickMinded courses
Features – ClickMinded Email

– Marketing Training Email

– Marketing Certification

– Downloadable / printable slides

– Quizzes at the end of each lecture        

– Unlimited lifetime access

– Free updates for life

– Risk-free 100% money back guarantee  

– ClickMinded SEO Course & Mini-Courses

– ClickMinded Web Analytics Course

– ClickMinded Content Marketing Course

– ClickMinded Email Marketing

– ClickMinded Sales Funnel Course

– ClickMinded Paid Advertising Course

– ClickMinded Social Media Course

– SEO Certification

– Paid Advertising Certification

– Content Marketing Certification

– Sales Funnel Certification   

– Email Marketing Certification

– Social Media Certification

– GAIQ Study Guide

– Downloadable Slides & Lecture Quizzes

– Unlimited Lifetime Access   

– Free Updates For Life     Risk-Free

– 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

– Access to ALL ClickMinded Courses for up to 10 users

– Reusable Company-Owned Licenses

Pricing  $997 $1997 $4997 

What can you learn?

The email marketing course covers the basics of email marketing, including:

  • The Email Marketing Framework
  • Automation fundamentals
  • Segmentation strategies
  • Email automation walkthroughs
  • Email copywriting and design
  • Tracking & deliverability

4. LinkedIn Learning Email Marketing, Strategy, and Optimization

(Course pricing – $29.99)

Individuals who are interested in learning email marketing can also consider this next course hosted on LinkedIn Learning. Like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning does not conduct any courses but only hosts them. 

The Email Marketing, Strategy, and Optimization course on LinkedIn Learning is taught by Virginia O’Connor. She is a marketing consultant specializing in content management and copywriting. 

To date, more than 10,000 individuals have viewed this course, making it a very reliable source of knowledge on email marketing. The course is ideal for individuals looking to improve their existing skill set by adding email marketing to their list of skills. 

Learning the basics of email marketing can give you an edge when it comes to increasing sales for your business or finding a job as a digital marketer.

Course length and pricing

The course is very affordable at just $29.99. In addition, users can also get a 1-month free trial when they sign up on LinkedIn Learning. The course is relatively short compared to the other options on this list. Overall, the bulk of the content of the course can be covered in under 2 hours. 

What can you learn?

Through this course, you can learn about the different email marketing tools and strategies there are. 

The course syllabus is broken down into five sections: 

  1. Introduction to email marketing
  2. Fitting email into a marketing plan
  3. Identifying different types of emails
  4. Optimizing the emails that you send
  5. Reviewing and monitoring the emails that you send

5. Wishpond Email Marketing Masterclass

(Course pricing – free)

Alternatively, you can also consider the Wishpond Email Marketing Masterclass. This course is designed for beginners, making it easy to understand and not too complex. The course instructor is Victoria Taylor, a marketing generalist at Wishpond. 

Overall, the course is best for individuals with no knowledge of email marketing and what it entails. This is because the course starts from scratch. By the end of it, you will have a basic understanding of the different elements of email marketing.

Course length and pricing

The course is free to enroll in. All you need to do is to create an account on the Wishpond website to access all of the course contents for free. However, do note that to create an account on the Wishpond website, you will need a business website.

Being a course that only covers the basics, the Wishpond email marketing course is fairly short and can be completed in a few hours. 

What can you learn?

Because this course is free, it has a lot less content than many of the other email marketing courses on this list. Nonetheless, it still covers the basics of email marketing, including: 

  • Types of Email Campaigns
  • Common Email Marketing Mistakes
  • How To Create an Email Marketing Funnel
  • Growing Your Email Listing
  • A/B Testing Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Each of the above topics also comes with a PDF document containing the specifics. There is also a discussion panel for each of the above topics where you can discuss what you have learned with other course attendees. 

6. Google Digital Garage Email Marketing Basics

(Course pricing – free)

Google Digital Garage’s Email Marketing Basics course is a free online course available for anyone to use. Lessons are conducted in the form of videos hosted on Youtube. There is also a quiz at the end of each lesson so that learners can test their understanding of the content covered. 

Because of how little time the course takes to complete, it is ideal for individuals interested in learning about the basics of email marketing but are not ready. However, take note that because of how short the course is, the content covered is very basic. Thus, the skills you can learn from it may not be sufficient to effectively do email marketing.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of email marketing, you can consider signing up for some of the other more comprehensive email marketing courses on this list. 

Course length and pricing

Like the Wishpond email marketing masterclass, this course only covers the basics of email marketing. As a result, the email marketing basics course hosted by Google Digital Garage is the shortest email marketing course on this list. 

The course is free to watch on Youtube for anyone with a google account. The course contains a total of 23 minutes of videos and 9 minutes of quizzes. Hence, users should be able to complete the course in slightly over half an hour. 

What can you learn?

The contents of the course are as follows:

  • Email marketing basics
  • Different email marketing options
  • How to craft great marketing emails 
  • Managing successful email campaigns
  • Measuring success in email marketing

7. SkillShare Email Marketing Essentials

(Course pricing – free with a SkillShare subscription)

Another great option for email marketing courses is the SkillShare Email Marketing Essentials course. The course is taught by Fabio Carneiro, an email design and marketing expert at MailChimp. The course is an intermediate-level course. To date, more than 12,500 students have taken the course. 

The SkillShare Email Marketing Essentials course is suitable for individuals who already have a basic understanding of email marketing. The course can help students deepen their knowledge about the subject to increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

Course length and pricing

Although the course is an intermediate-level one, it is still relatively short compared to some of the other options on this list. There are a total of 10 videos in the course, with a total runtime of 36 minutes. 

Pricing-wise, students can watch all ten videos for free with a Skillshare membership. It is free to sign up for a SkillShare membership on their website. SkillShare is also offering new users a free 7-day premium subscription. 

What can you learn?

Unlike some of the other beginner-friendly email marketing courses on this list, the SkillShare Email Marketing Essentials course goes into greater depth on email marketing. In this course, students will learn:

  • the difference between web design and email design
  • key considerations for designing and developing emails
  • best design practices for the four most common email types

8. Coursera Email Marketing Course

(Course pricing – free)

Lastly, individuals looking for email marketing courses can also check out Coursera. Coursera is very similar to LinkedIn Learning, SkillShare, and Udemy. All of these platforms do not run any courses on their own. Instead, they serve as platforms where other creators can host and promote their courses.

A unique selling point about Coursera is that the courses offered on the platform are all instructed by professionals. Most of the courses offered on Coursera are taught by renowned educational institutions, such as the University of California.

Thus, the email marketing courses on Coursera are ideal for both beginners who do not know about email marketing and advanced email marketers who are already familiar with email marketing and want to further deepen their knowledge.

Course length and pricing

Most courses on Coursera are free and open to the public, including the email marketing courses. The difficulty levels of the various courses offered on the platform can vary from beginner to advanced. Depending on which course you decide to take up, the time it takes you to complete the course can also vary.

What can you learn?

There is a wide range of courses available for you to choose from on Coursera. Depending on what aspect of email marketing you want to learn more about, you can attend the relevant course.