27 Awesome Freelance Writing Jobs You Can Do Remotely

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Imagine what it would be like for a tiny 1000-word remote freelance writing gig to make $100.

Will you want to ditch your 9-5 soul-sucking career for remote freelance writing? Or maybe you wish to pay off loans or take a break that you would never have been able to afford otherwise.

Both of us know the feeling.

Remote writing gigs from freelance will do the trick.

Here, we’re going to check out the best remote freelance writing sites.

You will then use the data to pick which places to enter and start padding your wallet. If you have not yet determined whether freelance remote writing work is for you, bookmark this article and, when you are able to take action, come back to it. So, we’re going to get down to it.

The Best Freelancer Remote Writing Jobs:

For freelance writers, Fiverr is a bright little gem. On Fiverr, you can market your writing services, even though you are a novice. You can set up a base rate of $25 per hour if you can churn out 500 words in 30 minutes or less.

Writing high-quality content that keeps the customers coming back is the secret. Alternatively, what you’ll do for $5 can be specified, and consumers can pay you to do just that.

But the fun stuff is here. Per mission, you can make more than $5. Make a few modifications to increase the $5 to $15 fee and even up to $50.

Deliver pure gold, your customers will leave positive reviews, bring you in a wonderful position in terms of success, and you will take on many gigs at a time soon. Look at, and learn about, what other top-rated freelancers are doing. Add videos and use keywords to land the first customer and the ones that will follow—making your profile stand out.

Up to $1000 a week or even more can be won on Fiverr. On completing a task, Fiverr takes 20 percent of your earnings and sends the rest to you. The main selling feature for Fiverr is the courses they sell. If you want to make BIG money as a blogger by selling digital marketing courses, you can find the experts on this platform who can help you achieve your goals.

Sign up for free, build a gig, and bring a worldwide audience to your services. When an order for services is placed, you will be notified. To share information with clients, you will then use the system.

Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is a popular freelance website with open remote freelance writing jobs.

For both short-term and long-term ventures, writers will bid. Since previous work on the web helps to develop your reputation, the site fits well with experts. For newcomers, the bidding system will make it tough to make good money at first. Be diligent. However, apply lots of proposals. When you continue to work with consumers and develop a reputation as an expert writer on the web, your sleepless nights will pay off.

By, for example, awarding them top-rated status or naming them rising talent, Upwork honors its freelancers. With special rights, all designations arrive.

The payments for Upwork vary from 5% to 20% of your earnings, and its payment methods are safe. For Explainer Films, it is possible to make over $5000 writing scripts. Sign up for free and build an Upwork rockstar profile that draws buyers in droves.

LinkedIn is an essential way for other freelance authors and consumers to communicate.

On LinkedIn, you’ll find content marketers or company owners in need of your support. Keep engaged in your sector/specialty on the forum.

On other pages, you still like, share, and update. Get active in LinkedIn groups, share tips with people in your business, and get support along the way. LinkedIn recently launched LinkedIn Profinder to tap into the freelance market and help find work for freelance professionals.

It is only available within the U.S. and unique service categories at present. LinkedIn easily links freelancers with good leads based on keyword searches and industries they are watching, leveraging the large array of user data.

To try it out, you’ll be able to apply 10 free proposals. When you wish to submit more than 10 ideas, you will upgrade to Company Premium. It costs 60 dollars a month.

However, for expert practitioners in countless areas, it is the safest choice. Sounds nice? Set up a profile on LinkedIn, then.

The aim of Flexjobs is to make your work as customizable as possible, and it is one of the largest job boards for freelance writing.

Many freelance writing positions appear in their career lists. Part-time, full-time, managerial, or entry-level positions can be sought. The coolest aspect of FlexJobs is that they scan all jobs to guarantee no scams are present.

You may subscribe on a weekly, quarterly, or annual basis to access the web. You’ll be able to view the job listings in full once you subscribe.

Toptal is an elite group of freelancers online representing more than 100 countries worldwide.

They screen freelancers meticulously to find the top 3 percent to join their specialists in many categories.

You set the prices so that in a bidding war, you’ll never suck. Here is why you need to sign up.

You can vote for hourly, part-time, or full-time jobs. You adjust the tariffs so that you never get caught in a bidding battle.

You’ll get to work with top firms such as Airbnb, IDEO, and JP Morgan if you make the cut. Plus, you’re still going to have a steady supply of fun ventures and customers that enjoy your work. To accelerate your freelance writing career while optimizing their expertise, collaborate with Toptal.

Freelancer.com has a work board that lists 100+ jobs in both small and big companies for online writing. Writers are bidding on both one-time and long-term freelance writing gigs, as on Upwork. Browse for freelance writing jobs that complement your talents and apply for them. Come up with persuasive arguments that clients should select you over anyone else.

You can bill $40 per hour, which, if you work 8 hours a day, can give you $320 a day. Or you can set a $400 per day daily rate, regardless of how many hours you work. Setting a project rate of, say, $4,000 to write a commercial is another choice.

Freelancer charges you 10 percent or $5, whichever is better, of what you earn in payments. You will receive, or get it deposited in your local bank account, the money you earn through PayPal. To boost your portfolio, always strive for five-star reviews. By using your email address or Facebook account, you can sign up.

For all talents, like writers, proofreaders, PeoplePerHour is a freelance platform. Their featured platform, called WorkStream, simplifies the work on the business side. All in one location, it organizes correspondence, payments, and administration. To join this unique freelance network, you’ll need to complete an online application.

PeoplePerHour helps you, once you are in, to view jobs available from their foreign clientele. Your profile must, however, stick out. By expressing your experience, mentioning your talents, and saying your story, personalize it. In the portfolio portion, provide examples of your work. Lastly, note to keep up-to-date on your profile.

Manually search for projects or save the automated search for new project updates. You are entitled to send up to 15 free ideas each month, so if you wish to bid on more freelance writing work, you can purchase extra credit. Upon completion of a task, you can submit a downpayment or opt to earn the whole sum.

MediaBistro aims to associate authors with executives who are actively searching for new writers all over the world. The site features full-time work in all media fields, but it still posts freelance and remote work from time to time.

Using their filtering option, search under the headings “contract” and “freelance” for “work from home” writing jobs. Media Bistro also delivers the latest articles about the media industry and a range of paid preparation opportunities to improve your freelance career.

Membership is $14.99/mo, or a 14-day free trial would encourage you to check it out.

We Work Remotely provides careers in growth and technology. Most software firms, however, enjoy making remote freelancers write copies for them. 

You’ll see a small subsection containing copywriting work in the categories column.

The best thing is that consumers pay $229 for a job, meaning that customers are real and have internet marketing budgets. If you produce quality work regularly, there is also a chance of long-term outcomes and referrals.

For freelance writers, Guru is a free work board. If you want more exposure for bids and access to work, you can also upgrade your membership from the free alternative.

Membership dues vary from $9 -$40 and are paid monthly. For paying members, the work processing fees are even smaller. Depending on subscription level, Guru charges a premium of 7.45 percent or 11.95 percent on your earnings.

To help your ideas, build a profile and always remember to show your previous work.

Freelance Writing Gigs consolidates Craigslist career postings into a single blog post. You’ll see regular blog posts on the FWJ home page that provide updates on new work, along with the pay on each of these assignments.

If scouring numerous work boards for freelance writing jobs causes you headaches, FWG should be your one-stop shop. They also have 100 blogs that pay authors and reveal the salary for freelance work. Some sites pay $200 for each feature, $100 for each object, or $50.00 for each mini-article.

You’ll find a list of telecommuting workers on the same homepage, too. FWG also gives you the chance to post your byline to the visitor as a way to help you get more job exposure. Apart from freelance writing work, you can also find tips on freelance writing and blogging. When you apply to their free mailing list, you’ll also get lots of ideas for landing employment.

While the site eliminates fake listings, make sure you look at the people looking to recruit you to prevent getting scammed.

MoneyPantry is a personal finance blog that pays between $30 and $150 for 700-2,000 word posts even though you have no freelance writing experience.

They are looking for a welcoming style of writing focused on assisting the reader. With realistic, helpful ideas and personal experiences, they want you to submit specific posts, and the pay is dependent on both the content and length of the post.

When your post goes online, you’ll collect payment.

Registration is free at Textbroker, but you may have to check your U.S. citizenship. They will then ask you to apply a sample of writing, which they will use to give you a writer’s grade.

You will work in three forms at Textbroker. You can accept an open offer (first come, first served), join a team of other writers for work, or have customers personally give you work.

Your writer ranking influences the standard of assignments you can pick. You should, however, work your way up to a higher ranking, which you would want to do because more money is gained from higher-quality activities such as skilled writing jobs.

The rates of pay vary from $0.7-$5 per term.

One of the best places for newcomers to find online writing work is iWriter. When you sign in, take and pass a small exam, then select articles and start writing. A rating system is given by iWriter. You can gain more money from writing dozens of high-quality articles and scoring Elite Plus status.

On iWriter, you can make $100 a day by writing, say, ten 500-word papers as a Standard Writer per day. For 1000-word posts, Elite Plus authors bill $55 or more.

Consistent, quality writing will improve the scores and the opportunity for earning. A greater ranking offers you the chance to work for higher-paying consumers. You can also have consumers waiting for you to work directly for them.

Join the site for free.

For any writer searching for freelance writing work, ProBlogger is a career page. With fresh leads, it’s regularly updated. Companies pay to list their gigs that root out most scammers, and by category, job title, keyword, and more, you can check for work.

You don’t need to get a profile built. Only apply for a position that would complement your talents. To top it all, the website features tools authors may use to boost their prose.

You’ll start to learn the ins and outs of technical blogging when you work closely and network with other bloggers. For your freelance writing work, you’ll then be able to charge top dollar. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for established and potential bloggers.

Contently has an influential directory of brands/marketers who use it to purchase content. For freelance authors, it also offers a portfolio site.

You need to build a profile involving your portfolio to land work on Contently or network with their brands. It runs a rate index where you can see what other freelancers have gained by dealing with a similar customer or magazine.

You will receive between $300 and $500, for example, for a 2000-word post. It’s also a forum for exhibiting your portfolio and promoting your freelance writing business.

Fill out your details to enter, and upload your PDF samples. Material can populate the blog post’s titles and photos. Ensure that you have eye-catching photos for your examples and outstanding names.

Listverse is an exciting website that is suitable for inexperienced authors building up their portfolios.

On their Top 10 lists with at least 1,500 words, it accepts interesting(maybe not informational or helpful) posts. It may sound crazy if you read some of their articles, but they’re paying for that. You can take it as an entertaining job ?

Only a few examples:

  • Top 10 Mess-Ups, Crashes, And Fails in Live Music
  • Top 10 Disgusting And Horrific Baby Facts
  • Top 10 Unanswered Ancient Egyptian Mysteries
  • Top 10 Mysterious Natural Occurrences
  • Top 10 Strange Unsolved Mysteries of Trains

For any article they approve, they pay $100.

Write in outstanding English with a sense of humor and love writing exciting stuff for an audience of more than 15 million readers a month.

For newspapers, magazines, blogs, and enterprises, Freedom with Writing’s career board provides a steady stream of high-paying writing gigs.

Such remote writing jobs featured are:

  • $6,000 Hackathon Short Story
  • Eight blogs that cost 50 to 300 dollars for guest posts
  • 200 bucks for Self-Care True Stories
  • 7 Magazines paying $150 to writers Per Post
  • 7 Websites that pay $200+ to writers Per Post

Through giving you in-depth eBooks and articles intended to develop your writing career, they even spice things up so that you can become a professional and published freelance writer. In addition, they have case studies that show you that remote workers run.

You get all free by email once you sign up.

The most famous workboard for journalists and top news firms is JournalismJobs. Although it’s mainly for blogs and other means of content writing, some businesses use it to employ freelancers (not necessarily journalists).

Build an account, upload your resume, and subscribe to different classifications. You will publish for trade journals, financial publications, non-profit organizations, and many others.

However, you don’t have to have an account to see the career ads on the job page. To find fun gigs, browse by keyword or business.

Writer Access is equivalent to other sites for publishing. It connects authors, editors, content strategists, and translators with brands and agencies in imaginative ways.

Writer Access will start connecting you with brands and agencies in your market as soon as you build your profile and pass a proficiency test.

It allows you the chance to receive the highest pay scales because the experience and proficiency test verification of the platform filters out all but the best freelancers. A high proficiency test score enables you to value your job at any pace you choose.

It’s fast and straightforward, and you hold 70% of what you earn. Writer Access pays you bi-monthly. Advanced authors’ prices vary from $0.03 to $0.08 per word in the Standard Marketplace and $0.11 to $2 per word in the PRO Marketplace. Their Development Hub connects you with all the tools and services to better advance your content marketing expertise

Constant Content makes it easier for enterprises to identify and recruit you.

It makes it easier for you to publish papers to sell. As a beginner author, you can find it is pretty quick and straightforward using their guideline. You’ll also find different categories and subcategories for which special material can be published.

You can set your own price for your articles. When testing what abilities you have that show on your list, build a profile. Take a small quiz and write a brief writing sample (100-250 words) so that your writing skill can be tested. Once they authorize your account, start writing immediately.

On Constant Content, as a participant, you will also find high-quality remote writing work. Create a Constant Content collection and engage with brands as your freelance writing generates a steady income.

For companies in need of fast assistance in content marketing, Craigslist is the number one location, particularly for companies based in major cities such as Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Miami.

The philosophy is to search actively and apply for listings that suit your ability to write and edit positions in the cities I have listed. Note to do your due diligence and investigate any possible customer.

For gigs as small as writing 500 words, you can make $200.

Indeed is a professional search engine that only focuses on career listings. More than 200 million unique users/work seekers visit it every day, making it one of the top 10 job posting websites.

Next, go to the web and check for “freelance writing” in the career search bar. Then pick “remote” as the place to find home-based freelance writing jobs that pay $18-$30 per hour. You will then be asked to apply on the business web by the updates.

You should also upload your CV and cover letter to the Indeed website. Be sure your resume correctly represents your existing writing skills if you are going to include it in your applications. As a prospective employer views your application, you will receive updates by email and your Indeed account. If they are involved, the boss will email you directly.

Krop combines fantastic firms and innovative individuals at all stages of expertise. It supports the individual talents that are looking for employment and the firms looking for creative writing positions to recruit them.

While Krop tends to attract designers, you will also find jobs in copywriting as well. This Junior Copywriting gig earns a wage of $22-27/hr or $45K-55K. 80 percent of copywriters receive from $35k-$65k a year.

Sign up to set up your portfolio or connect your current portfolio for free at $9.99 a month. Tap the Work tab, then check for different copywriting jobs using a keyword – copywriting. First, type your email address to register and apply for work.

Freelance Mom is a forum where moms share their advice and tips.

To send an essay, you don’t have to be a millennial parent; you just have to be able to provide other moms with the latest realistic and actionable guidance and tips. For a post of between 900-1500 posts, the pay varies between $75 and $100.

Posts from visitors must contain:

  • Personal narratives or stories to convey to the media.
  • Quick paragraphs and lists of bullets (if applicable).
  • Present and pertinent advice.
  • A course of action for 20-30 minutes at the end of the post.

With your writing and creative thinking talents, WriterBay is a place to start earning cash.

There are easy steps to take to get started:

  • Fill out a login questionnaire.
  • Taking an exam on spelling and formatting.
  • Write a sample short article.
  • Upload any higher-level education credential, if necessary.

It is free to enroll, and earnings are competitive.

Here’s the juiciest section:

1). WriterBay will upgrade your status to PRO Writer if all of your customers are happy with your work’s content. If they are pleased with your overall results, you will earn a bonus of 15 percent or 25 percent for any order. 

2). By referring other authors to WriterBay through their referral service, you can also make money. For each fulfilled order from your referrals, you receive 3 percent.

3). Moreover, automated assignments are obtained by Pro Authors, enabling you to circumvent the acceptance procedure of the Quality Assurance Department when applying for work.

For 5,500-16,500 words, you can receive between $100 and $66,393, respectively. From economics, industry, communications, and human resources to biology and world relations, freelance writing gigs vary. On the 16th and 20th of the month, WriterBay processes fees, with a minimum payment of $100.

For copywriters, blogs, content writers, search engine optimization, and other writing professionals, Online Writing Jobs is a website.

Online Writing Jobs is restricted to candidates who can supply the necessary documents within the U.S. Within 3 business days, you will be expected to apply a writing sample using the specified templates for analysis and reviews.

Rates differ according to a number of variables, such as material type, level of experience, deadline, and length. That said, a minimum of $15 to $50 per article is charged for online writing work. Before you agree to finish it, a compensation sum will be issued for a given post.

It is free to join in and start writing and see what is on offer.

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