13 Best Ways to Make Money Online Now!

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Looking for the best ways to make money online?

Do you want to make money online?

Are you trying to quit your 9-5 or add an extra income stream?

I have the best ways to make money online for you. The internet has been great in providing funds for millions of people. This is a great income stream.


1. Start a YouTube channel

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There are many viral videos that have millions of views on YouTube. The average person spends 30-40 minutes on YouTube. It is the second-largest platform on the internet. The average YouTuber makes 3$ every thousand views.  Videos are often re-done and recycled but still get massive amounts of views.  People are always looking for the latest things. A lot of videos on YouTube are outdated. You can download the video and recycle it and make it an updated 2020 version. There are many free downloading websites for free if you search. 

You can even create your own channel and become viral. YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online and become financially free. 



2. Do Online Gigs 

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Do you have a hobby or a passion that you’re good at? Well, you can sell that passion. On Fiverr and Upwork you can basically create gigs, any gig, and make money from it. You do your gigs and people order them and you make money from it. A lot of people are making a stable income doing online gigs. These are great ways to become financially free and work from home online. 

3. Take Paid Online Surveys

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Online surveys are another fantastic way to make money. It’s easy as 1 2 3! You just go online, make an account, and start taking surveys. You are literally going to make money off of your opinions. The best websites to do this are Swagbucks and Toluna. Swagbucks says the steps to making money here:

  • Join SwagbucksWe reward our members with free gift cards and cash for the everyday things they already do online.
  • Earn Points

    Shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, and find great deals to earn points.

  • Get Free Gift Cards

    Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get cashback from PayPal. “

With these sites, you can make money from surveys easily and earn extra income. 

4.  Create a blog or website

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You can also choose to follow in HowWeMakeMoneyOnline’s footsteps! We make money online on our website! This is a great way to quit your boring 9-5 job and start something creative. Websites give you the creative freedom to express yourself and write about whatever you want! Many women and men make a steady living from their blog and they are free to travel the world with their children. Don’t you want the same? 

5. Sell your unused items

Women's White Spaghetti-strap Top and Brown Pumps

If you want to make up to $60/hr, you must attend a FREE work at home workshop here. Caitlin Pyle, multi-millionaire work at home mentor will show you how to work from home as a proofreader and makeup to $60/hr! HEAD HERE to begin your work-at-home career.

Tired of those boring clothes you never wear? Looking for some extra cash? Sell them. Mercari is one of the best websites where you can sell your o.ld items. Many people can find deals and bargains on clothes from websites like Mercari, Poshmark, or Depop. These websites can give you extra cash flow.

The creator of Depop explains it here: 

“In turn, your friends and creative influencers all over the world can see the things you like, buy, and sell, and are inspired by you. This ecosystem has supported Depop becoming a global conduit of connection, not only in m-commerce, but culture, design, and creative communities around the world.”

6. Write names for businesses

Name Your Business | Disruptive Naming Agency | Squadhelp

Have you ever had business names? Are you creative? Well, using SquadHelp, you can create business names for corporations and get paid for it. SquadHelp has contests that businesses add on their site. Anyone can signup as a creative and start submitting names. They even implemented a business name generator where it gives you names that you can submit. It is easy and simple and gives you a bonus in your wallet. 

7. Create and sell products

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You can create and sell basically anything and make a living. Art has gone up for thousands on eBay. People on RedBubble have copied the simplest designs and put them on T-shirts. RedBubble makes it easy to create designs, and sell them. They use a print on demand technique. You create designs and when people want them RedBubble will do all the work. They will print the materials and ship them. All you have to do is wait for the money! Terrific!

8. Remote Work

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Many remote jobs are hiring on HowWeMakeMoneyOnline, or RatRaceRebellion, or Real Ways to Earn Money Online.  Remote Jobs are one of the classic ways to make money online. We specialize in work from home jobs on how we make money online. Remote Work is very useful if you want to make a living from the comfort of your home. We update our work from home jobs page often. 

9. Online English Tutoring

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Many kids and people all over the world want to learn English desperately. If English is your first language, this is the job for you no degree needed.  Magic Ears is one of the best platforms for this. You can teach English online to students from the ages of  4-12 all over the world. This can make you a steady income working from home. You can earn from $20 to $26 tutoring. Another great website for this is Cambly.  Cambly is another great site for teaching English to kids if Magic Ears isn’t your style. 

10. Social Media Brand Deals

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If you have any type of social media, this is the job for you. First, you have to build a following on social media if not done already. This can be done over time. Once you’ have a steady following, you can reach out to creators and businesses. These businesses can potentially pay you to do brand deals. You have to promote them on either Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for a price. You can make up prices and negotiate deals. 

11. Write

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Did you know many hit movies, start out as a book? and before they were books, they were ideas? You might have many ideas too, you can put these ideas on paper, and your book might become the next hit film. Many companies help with this including Kindle ebook and Wattpad. You are free to write and on Kindle ebook, you can publish your book as a hard copy or an ebook. You can also become a remote content writer and write for companies. 

12. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing has been proven to get people lots of money. You can implement affiliates on your YouTube channel or your blog/website. You can put these links in your descriptions and you will get a small commission if anybody buys from your link at no extra cost to the viewer. You have to make sure you make a disclaimer saying that you will make money from the purchase, for legal reasons. Many companies offer this affiliate marketing program including Amazon, Regal Assets, and Ebay, Rakuten.


13. Beta Test Apps or Products

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Did you know you can try people’s apps, and products and get paid? Yes, it is that easy. UserTesting.com or TryMyUI. com can help you make money.  There are thousands of companies that will pay people to try their products and give them honest reviews and help them improve. Why do it for free when you can make an extra income from testing out products and giving reviews.

If you want to make up to $60/hr, you must attend a FREE work at home workshop here. Caitlin Pyle, multi-millionaire work at home mentor will show you how to work from home as a proofreader and makeup to $60/hr! HEAD HERE to begin your work-at-home career. 

13 Best Ways to Make  Money Online – Final Thoughts

I hope you are more knowledgable and learned how to make money online.

I think your pockets will thank me for this!

Tell me how much money you’ve made online in the comments down below!


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